Natural Fibers for Bedding

The fibers that are made from nature like animals, plants, and mineral resources are called natural fibers. There are two classifications of natural fibers. One is the vegetable fibers or the so-called “cellulose fibers” such as bamboo, coconut, cotton, flax, hemp, jute, linen, ramie, and sisal. Asbestos is categorized as mineral fiber. They are fibers from the fruit, leaves, seeds, stalks, stem, and trunk. Another classification of fiber is the animal fibers or “protein fibers” like alpaca, angora, cashmere, catgut, mohair, silk, sinew, and wool. Animal fibers are taken from hairy mammals, feathers of birds, and dried saliva of insects.

There are many natural fibers but we will just focus on the fibers commonly used for bedding. Aside from the good appearance being offered by embroidery digitizing service, we would like to have a high-quality fiber for our bed sheets.

Cotton is the most frequent used natural fabric because of its wide varieties. Egyptian Cotton is the most expensive and exclusive. This brand has tough and lengthy cotton fibers. Flannel is also a cotton sheet fabric, which is thicker and heavier compared to other cotton fibers. It is very relaxing to lie on sheets made of cotton because of its absorbency and breathability. The best quality of this fabric is its softness and durability. It has the ability to retain its former composition even after many wash.

Sheep is the most common source of wool fabrics. It has an extra-soft and spongy feel that serves as good insulation. Though wool sheet is not so attractive, it has a promising durability and resistance. It should be washed properly to avoid it from shrinking. Through embroidery digitizing service, you can add embroidery to this fabric to make it attractive.

The softness of cashmere fabric is also applicable to bed sheets. This ultra-fine fiber is made from Kashmir goats. This is considered as the highest natural fiber. However, it is rare and more expensive than cotton.

For those who are quite sensitive to textiles, silk is the right fabric for them. Like cashmere, silk is also a luxurious fabric. It is made from silk worm and has a hypoallergenic quality where you can enjoy sleep all night long. This fabric is so comfortable due to its silky and touchy texture. It will perfectly create sweet dreams for you while sleeping.

Among the oldest fabrics is linen, which is very ideal for bed sheets. It is quite stronger than cotton. Aside from its undoubted softness, researchers from the University of Milan in Italy said, linen-made sheets can help cure insomnia. So if you have difficulty in sleeping, use linen sheets. Have it with designs by using embroidery digitizing service so that it is not just soft but attractive too.

There are many manufacturers that use sateen for bed sheets. It offers a softer texture to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. It may be dyed, bleached, printed and embroidered through embroidery digitizing service.


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